Jal El Dib 532

  • Situated in the residential region of Jal El Dib.
  • Surrounded by luxury buildings and via main road.
  • Spread over 11 storeys (1 apartment per floor and one duplex at 10th & 11th floor), with one pilotis floor for parking and common use including guard room.
  • Equipped with 1 lift, with Italian motor, stainless steel finishing with UPS.
  • Apartments’ size, 3 bedrooms.
  • One duplex at the 10th and 11th floor.

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  • Aluminum doors and windows are made with Sidem 2000 profiles and accessories, double glazing with mono block.
  • Double wall with void cavity for thermal break purpose.
  • Seismic protection structural design.
  • Hollow core wood with MDF panels overlaid Oak veneer texture with Oak hardwood for frames and architraves for main door and reception area.
  • Hollow core wood with MDF painted panels with Swedish frames and architrave for the rest.
  • Stone cladding with gypsum board suspended ceiling, including decorative direct and indirect lighting for the building main entrance.
  • Marble steps for staircase and lobby.
  • Botticino 80*80 cm only for reception duplex area.
  • Ceramic tiles (equivalent to Lecico) for bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms.
  • Aluminum and glass system, and accessories for all balconies balustrades.
  • Kitchen cabinets and top are made of granite countertop and Melamine cabinets and MDF Oak veneered for leaves.
  • Sanitary: Italian mixers with installation of PPR pipes, with EGO sanitary fixtures.
  • Wiring devices, LeGrand Mosaic, fed by “Liban Cable”.
  • AC drainage, cooper and electrical provision.
  • External walls with ceramic cladding and Maplexine rendering.
  • Water storage, 1000 liters capacity water tank for each apartment.
  • One common water tank storage, with pumping network distribution.
  • Gas heating system provision.
  • Painting coats, with primer water based and 2 coats of putty filler.
  • Waterproofing for the entire roof, top of the roof and flower beds.
  • Irrigation network for flower beds.
  • Lighting provision for flower beds, elevators and parking.
  • Videophone system.
  • Internal shaft dedicated for AC equipment.
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tel: +961 - 4 - 718019
fax: +961 - 4 - 718019 ext 102
mobile: +961 - 70 - 309050